Anna Koon

Anna’s main method of transportation is walking.

She finds the inspiration for her paintings and illustrations in the green spaces of Boston and its surrounding neighborhoods.  And because she walks up to twenty miles a day, she buys new sneakers every three months. 

Anna's prints for purchase exclusively at Polychrome:

Abstract Painting - allover repeat print pattern

AK16-003 original print pattern

Brambles - allover twigs and brambles print pattern repeat

AK17-001 original print pattern

Heartstrings - confection colored heart and ribbon print pattern repeat

AK17-004 original print pattern

Organic Abstract Painting - abstract painting repeat print pattern

AK16-001 original print pattern

Etched Leaves - allover tossed leaves print pattern repeat

AK16-005 original print pattern

Twig Toss - allover tossed twig print pattern repeat 


AK16-004 original print pattern

Leafy Thicket - allover leaf and vine print pattern repeat

AK16-002 original print pattern

Abstract Patchwork - abstract painting of layered patchwork in a pattern repeat

AK17-002 original print pattern

Painted Patchwork - allover original repeat print with novelty hand painted colorblock pattern.

Adobe PS file. 

Note: overlay on file is simply a watermark and easily removed 

AK18-001 original print pattern
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