With the city undergoing a rapid transformation in recent years to become a cosmopolitan cultural center, we may soon see Mumbai as the up-and-coming travel destination. Time for you to get there before it's overrun!

All over the world creative minds have been collaborating on exhibits to delight and inform the visitors with different aspects of the world of fashion. We share our live calendar of these design exhibitions so you'll never have to miss an inspiring and influential...

I knew Paris would be the ideal place to further my studies since it is widely considered the center of the Fashion world. I chose to take the leap and study there the Fall semester of my Junior year because I wanted to learn about Haute Couture...

September 11, 2017

The design world has recently been abuzz with a newfound fascination for all things Scandinavian, and in no place is this being observed more than in the fashion community. I was lucky enough to spend the summer in this region and was able to glean some insight into th...

August 21, 2017

Budapest is on the fashion world's radar. Traditional folk dress, with elaborate embroideries, motif-rich prints, and intricate lace from Hungary are a source of inspiration for many modern fashions. Also a widespread appreciation of Bohemian style is trending in...

July 8, 2017

Not only is the film easy to watch because the main and supporting characters are beautiful and impeccably dressed, but the scenery and lighting of the film are so lovely that I found myself taken with the film despite its well-documented flaws.

June 26, 2017

The mysterious depths of the oceans create a sense of wonder. For Spring / Summer 2018 trends, those in the fashion industry will not be immune to this attraction. We expect city streets, runways, and boardwalks to be filled with aquatic inspired designs, styles, patte...

February 27, 2017

Since the pioneering days of Woodstock, the crowds at music festivals have had an impact on fashion trends, and the influence has only gotten stronger in this era of blogging and self- documenting. And why shouldn’t they? These creative gatherings have always attract...

February 20, 2017

One of the most eye opening and inspiring travel experiences I have had is the cross country trip that I took with my family. There are some truly wondrous sights to be seen and experiences to have here in the parks of the USA.

January 23, 2017

The blending of old and new is what makes Mexico City such a fascinating place. From the city's architecture and art to its cuisine and cultural traditions, there are so many wonderful and colorful things to be inspired by.

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