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Ready to be inspired?

inspiration - sometimes it can be very elusive.

Do you ever find yourself so caught up the the process of keeping your product development running smoothly that you forget why you wanted to be in the creative industry in the first place? Deadlines, fast turn-arounds, and quick changes can create an environment where creativity becomes an afterthought.

A while ago, feeling a little uninspired myself, I found myself drawn back to painting, drawing, and working with pattern. This encouraged me to create a collaborative of artists to cultivate an atmosphere of creativity, mentorship and experimentation. We have painters, collage artists, as well as textile and fashion designers - all of them excited to work on collections of patterns together.


some of our artists' work in original form before being turned into an original repeat pattern


When you explore the Polychrome collection, you are becoming an extended part of that collaboration. You are exposing yourself to the ideas, insights, and interpretations of many skilled artists and applying what you have seen and learned to your own work. We are partnering to enrich each other’s work and bring it to fruition.

Now, that’s inspiring.

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