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  • Jessica Nguyen

Fashion Film Fun: In the Mood for Love

Diane Pernet is the founder of the blog A Shaded View on Fashion (ASVOF) and fashion film festival, A Shaded View on Fashion Film (ASVOFF). Last week, we had the opportunity to see Diane Pernet in person at the Museum of Fine Arts for ASVOFF's 9th annual showing. ASVOFF is the first international festival dedicated to showing works that present fashion to challenge conventions of filmmaking. After attending ASVOFF, we were completely inspired to share a series of our own favorite film recommendations. Every second Saturday, we will be featuring one of our personal favorites that would allow you to see that fashion is more than just fashion. In fact, one can argue that fashion is a culture of itself, a way of life.

After watching the film awarded for ASVOFF's best art direction, KITCHEN by Tim Yip, we thought that a great film to start out for its would be In the Mood for Love. Known as a cinematographic classic for its visual poetry, In the Mood for Love is about two star-crossed lovers who fall for each other after suspecting that their respective spouses were having an affair with one another.

We would highly encourage you to bring a box of tissues while watching because both the storyline and soundtrack are heartbreakingly beautiful.

One of the most visually compelling things about this film are the colorfully printed cheongsam dresses actor Maggie Cheung had to wear as her character because this melodramatic romance took place in Hong Kong in the 1962. In the 1960s; the stylish cheongsam dress was what every modern woman in Hong Kong wore at that time.

We have several prints in our collection that would look right at home on this stylish silhouette.

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