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  • Jessica Nguyen

Cuban Revolution

With Cuban-American relations starting to thaw, tight restrictions on American tourists visiting Cuba have been lifted. American tourism to Cuba shot up 30% last year and the escalation is not expected to slow as the US schedules more cruises and flights to our estranged neighbor.

The fascination with all things Cuban has led to a strong trend in the fashion world and prompted us to look beyond to Cuba's vibrant art scene for inspiration. Cuban artists are a one-of-a-kind, incorporating bright colors, flora and fauna motifs, and imagery of Cuba’s architecture and autos in their everyday works. Their art is so distinguishable and so representative of the Cuban culture that we feel compelled to share with you some of our favorite artists.

La Conquista del Espacio by José Ramón Alejandro

Known for his large image creation of surrealist landscapes, José Ramón Alejandro is an artist who loves to bring out the colors and other small details of Cuba's everyday food and objects. His paintings have a tactile quality to them - the tropical fruits that you see in La Conquista del Espacio, for example, look like as if you can almost touch and taste them.


Autoretrato del Adorador de Palmas by Tomás Sánchez

As one of the most influential figures in Cuban art history, Tomás Sánchez has used a variety of mediums - from painting to photography to sculpture to printmaking - to portray the natural beauty of his motherland. Heavily influenced by the era of expressionism, Sanchez's works mainly focus on natural landscapes and scenery.


Streets of Havana by Peter C. Vey

When you think of Cuba, you think about the vibrant colors found on vintage cars, modern architecture and lively streets, and no better artist can portray such imagery than Peter C. Vey himself. Streets of Havana is an accurate depiction of how much life is filled within the nooks and crannies of every neighborhood in Cuba during the1950s.


The Wasteland by Armando Mariño

One of the most popular muralists in contemporary Cuban art, Armando Mariño has used his artistic ability to create a space for establishing political dialogues. His messages address his stand on issues that his nation currently faces and are often portrayed in parodic forms of artwork.


Below is a selection of prints from our take on the Cuban trend.....

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