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  • Jessica Nguyen

TREND GIVEAWAY: Our Halloween Treat for You…

In the spirit of Halloween, we thought that it would be perfect timing to share with you some of our favorite fables and artwork with dark themes.

We start the celebration with the sinister undercurrent of the Grimm Brothers' cautionary tales. Did you know that the Grimm Brothers did not invent most of the works in the Grimms' Fairy Tales? In fact, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm credited most of their written stories as legends they've heard during their travels in villages all over Germany. These mythic legends would often incorporate talking animals, fairies, trolls, princesses, and other fantastical beings. Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, Bluebeard, and Fitz's Bird are some of the many tales that we now hear today because of the Grimm Brothers. Below are gothic-influenced illustrations of several Grimms' tales by Arthur Rackham.

Hansel and Gretel


Fitz's Bird


The Elizabethan period cannot be defined without the Shakespearean plays that were published and performed at that time. Many of Shakespeare's plays are tragedies, and a common theme of a tragic is the hero with a fatal flaw prevailed. This doomed character usually stumbled, facing pressures from the outside world beyond his control and that would eventually lead to his downfall. Some of our favorites along this theme are: Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, and King Lear. Scroll below for some beautiful illustrations inspired by his works.

the lovely Ophelia from "Hamlet"

star- crossed lovers "Romeo and Juliet "

the ill-fated "King Lear"


This leads us to our Halloween treat for you - a free download of our sinister A/W trend report "Dark Secret"

This trend is fueled by all these dark and enchanting tales and the wonderful artwork and illustrations inspired by them.

Click on the image below for a sneak peek of the trend, but Hurry! The link will no longer work after 12pm on Friday, November 4th.

Amazing news! Subscribers can enjoy being able to download trend information for all trends in our collection. If you are interested, learn more here!

We wish you a spooky and safe Halloween - hopefully filled with more treats than tricks!

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