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  • Jessica Nguyen

Fashion Film Fun: Marie Antoinette

Our latest 2nd Saturday Fashion Film post focuses on Sofia Coppola's 2006 film, Marie Antoinette. The sumptuous sweets that Marie consumes throughout the film, and her over the top period costumes are a source of inspiration for one of our upcoming Spring 2018 trends, "Candy Crush". In the coming weeks, we will be developing the decadent prints that fit in this trend. For now, enjoy the sneak preview below.

Candy Crush Spring 2018 trend report

The film Marie Antoinette explores the life history of the infamous Queen of France from the point of her marriage to Louis XVI at the tender age of 15 to just before the bitter French Revolution. As you watch her story unfold, be prepared to develop some empathy for a woman to whom history has not been kind. Practically still a child herself, Marie bears the blame for failing to produce an heir (in reality, it was very likely her husband’s fault) all the while facing disdain from the royal court due to the fact that she is a foreigner.

Why do we love this film? Marie Antoinette is a visual feast! The colors were heavily inspired by the pastel-colored macaroons from the famous Parisian pastry house, Laduree, a rebellious move on Coppola's part to portray the 18th century in a such fun and flirty manner. In addition to this artistic choice, Coppola took a further risk with her selection of a contemporary soundtrack - it pays off and the film has a marvelous lively air (well, at least until its inevitable conclusion). The lavish costuming is nearly an example of art imitating life: Marie is shown to have more than 60 gowns to wear for every different occasion and every chapter of her life as royalty. Materials ranged from silks to taffeta to satin to even original lace from the 18th century.


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