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Winter Soldier: camouflage in art & fashion

One of our top trends for Autumn - Winter 2017-18 is Winter Soldier. This trend is fueled by the prevalence of camouflage and GI-inspired details that dominate the runways , and also by a landmark exhibit of the visionary artist Abbott Handerson Thayer.

Thayer is often referred to as the "father of camouflage"; I was fortunate to see his exhibit, “Not Theories but Revelations", this past summer at the Williams College Museum of Art. The exhibit showcased the art and science of Thayer and his groundbreaking theories on camouflage and environmental concealment, some of which, though taken for granted today, at the time were actually quite controversial. He did see his work vindicated, though, as some of it was used by the American armed forces during World War I. Click through the gallery below to see images of Thayer's work and also some interesting articles about the man without whom the iconic camo pattren may not have existed.

Diorama for Military Camouflage With Text Panels - click image for more info

Copperhead Snake in Dead Leaves - click image for more info

Peacock in the Woods- click image for more info


From all of us here at Polychrome, we wish you a wonderful and happy holiday season !

To access our Winter Soldier trend, click on the image below:

Curious to see some of the prints our talented team has come up with to address this trend? Take a look here.

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