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  • Nancy Chen

Trend #2 - Cuban-inspired

Our runner up for first place in our end of year countdown: Cuban-inspired fashion


#2 - Cuba !! We've posted before about Cuban-inspired fashion. On various runways in 2016 we saw prints with hothouse florals, birds, tropical fruits, and the big trend of head-to-toe print dressing. But, the big tip off that fashion was ready to embrace all things Cuba was Chanel's Resort 2017 show in Havana. Many designers enticed by the loosening restrictions on US travel to Cuba, were inspired by its vibrant landscape, iconic vintage cars, colorful buildings, tropical scenery, and rich cultural heritage; this was huge trend on the 2016 runways heading into 2017.


We are ready to pack our bags and head to Cuba for some inspiration, and maybe even some relaxation!

If you have been lucky enough to go, let us know your impressions of this interesting place.

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