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  • Nancy Chen

Trend countdown to 2017!

Happy Holidays!

To ring in 2017, we'll be counting down six trends that we've seen throughout this year during the upcoming week. This is just a small taste of all the wonderful trends and cultural influences that 2016 will be remembered for. Our overview is comprised of trends on the catwalks, in social media, and in cultural shifts and events.

See the first in our countdown below.


#6 - Cacti !! This motif was all over Instagram and Pinterest and Etsy this year on everything from apparel to home goods, giftware. This trend has been thought to spring up from the fashion influencing music festival, Coachella


Look forward to updates on the countdown every day until the end of 2016!

Can you guess what the rest could be?

Please leave your thoughts below as to what trends you think were the most influential in 2016. Would love to get your input!

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