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Portofino Paramour

The epitome of casual and chic, this spring trend evokes the effortless style of some of the stars and icons that have flocked to Italy's western shores either to work in this wonderful and colorful setting, or to spend some carefree days soaking up the sun. To celebrate our Spring/Summer 2018 trend, Portofino Paramour, we're highlighting some of the coastal Italian towns that have inspired us and also covering how influential this area has been for cinema and fashion.

Above is a selection of some of our newest prints for this spring trend along with an iconic shot of Monica Vitti*

Film & Fashion

Because of it's breathtaking scenery, many 1950's Italian movies were filmed in locations along this coast, featuring actresses such as Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, Monica Vitti, Bridget Bardot and many more. "The Bay of Naples," a comic film starring Sophia Lauren, highlighted the town's bright colors and flirty, fun styles that are reflected in Portfino Paramour. In "L'Avventura", filmed on the Aeolian Islands, Monica Vitti simmered as an icon of style in shirtwaist dresses in classic menswear stripes - and that unforgettable polka dot tailored suit. Bridget Bardot was outfitted in classic cardigans, cinch waist skirts, and scandalous bikinis for Jean Luc Goddard's "Contempt". More recently, "the Talented Mr. Ripley" filmed in and around Portofino, as well as "Only You" and "Under the Tuscan Sun", both filmed in Positano, all showcased the beautiful landscape and laid back jet-set style. And let's not forget the other celebrities who live and vacation here. One of the most notable was style icon Jackie O., who could be found vacationing on Capri in the eponymous capri pant made famous by that very place and time. From socialites to rock stars and screen legends, this area has always attracted a stylish crowd. This is why it still has the power to enchant fashion as well.

Even now, campaigns like Dolce & Gabbana, Á Detacher, Osman and Chanel have used Italy's seaside towns as a backdrop for their campaigns, or as themes for their collections, proving that this place continues to inspire fashion in a multitude of ways.

Why so inspiring?

From Portofino to Positano and beyond, the Italian western coastline is arguably one of the loveliest and romantic places on earth. Quaint Portofino boasts colorful houses with deep blue and red hues, inspiring our trend group's palette; busting Naples, dominated by the brooding Vesuvius, has a bit of an edge and a lively energy that is invigorating; Capri with its enchanting panoramas of the Bay of Naples, famous Blue Grotto, and fashionable pedigree; Positano with its steep and narrow staircases leading down from colorful houses to the pebbly beaches of the Mediterranean. In fact, the drive down the whole of the Amalfi coast is a visual feast that is intensely inspiring.

Have we inspired you to add a trip to this part of Italy to your 'bucket list'? Have you already been and like us are nearly desperate to go back? Let us know your thoughts and impressions, and would also love to hear any of your experiences of this wonderful heaven on earth! Leave us some feedback in the comments below.

To see more of our trend predictions for Spring 2018, please refer to our Spring Preview last week. In the coming weeks we will be diving deeper into these trends to give you a peek into what inspired them (and us!).



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