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Ooh-la-la...Parisian patisseries!

Paris has always been the epitome of fashion, but what about the patisseries around the city? The vibrant colors of Parisian sweets inspired us for spring's flirty pastel looks. To celebrate our Spring/Summer 2018 trend, Candy Crush, we're covering the top five Parisian patisseries!

Patisserie De Reves

In 2009, Philippe Conticini and Thierry Teyssier decided to open Patisserie De Reves to bring classic French pastries reminiscent of childhood to the public. The patisserie is famous for its Paris Brest, a classic French dessert made with choux pastry and praline cream.

Gerard Mulot

Ina Garten (of Barefoot Contessa fame) and Andrew Zimmerman recommend Gerard Mulot as a must-see stop when in Paris. A shopping center, Gerard Mulot makes fantastic and decadent pastries for the 13th arrondissement.


Laduree was founded in 1862, expanding in the 1990s into a chain store. Now, Laduree has shops throughout the world including SoHo, London and Los Angeles, but its flagship store remains at the Champs-Elysees in Paris. Laduree has collaborated with designers like Christian Louboutin, fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, and Hello Kitty!

Fun fact: Lanvin also collaborated with Laduree to produce a specialty box with bubblegum flavored macarons.

Du Pain et des Idees

We've covered many macaron shops, but Du Pain et des Idees focuses on sweet and savory breads. This patisserie comes highly recommended by Anthony Bourdain, who praises their assortment of renaissance inspired pastries consisting of apple turnovers and pies. Don't miss their specialty: the escargot chocolate-pistache -- a chocolate and pistachio roll resembling a snail's shell.

Patisserie Pierre Herme

Patisserie Pierre Herme houses the best French macarons. First opened in Tokyo, Pierre Herme came to the 6th arrondissement on Saint Gabriel Rue in 2002 and has since dominated the macaron scene.

Do you have a favorite patisserie that should have made our list?

Let us know - we are always excited to hear from you!



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