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WOW - the wearable art exhibit at the PEM

Last weekend our Apparel Designer Networking group had a field trip to the Peabody Essex Museum to see a fabulous shoe exhibit visiting from the V&A, London. We were surprised to find another wonderful exhibit of wearable art, the WOW show, visiting from New Zealand. The exhibit showcases some of the standout pieces from past several years of the WOW competition. I had never heard of this international competition before, but I have had my own experience creating a wearable piece out of non traditional materials. This is a longstanding project for sophomores in the Apparel program at Rhode Island School of Design and has produced some of the most memorable pieces to be walked down RISD's runway during their spring show. Coming from perspective, this exhibit was all the more exciting for me.

The pieces from the WOW competition were not only unique and interesting, but also very well crafted and very beautiful. They all had one thing in common: they worked to change the viewers perception and in many cases elevated their mundane materials beyond recognition of their original form.

Although the shoe exhibit has already closed, you still have time to see the WOW exhibit as it ends in June. To see a listing of this and other notable exhibits please refer to our schedule of shows which we are constantly updating.

Sources: PEM|World of Wearable Art

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