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Fashion-Tech: the Coded Couture exhibit

As technology makes new advances, fashion and industrial designers have been exploring ways to imbue what we wear with some of the remarkable new features now available in nanotechnology, sensors, recording gadgets, and the like. We have already explored some really interesting garments using these features for practical applications in a previous blog post; the items run the gamut from being able to improve your workout to life-saving monitoring for vulnerable newborns. All this is is very interesting, but what about applications for more conceptual pieces? It is a only natural that artists and designers would be compelled to use some of this technology to create more artful objects and wearables.

Coded Couture, a wonderful exhibit now on view at Tufts University, showcases some pieces that speak to this desire to explore the limits of new technology without necessarily needing a practical product as its outcome. The result is a playful and beautiful collection of objects and garments that further the question "well, what if we could..."

Below is a collection of images taken from the show. I urge you to go see the exhibit yourself if you get the chance as some of the pieces are interactive and of course they make quite an impression in person. There is still time, but hurry - the exhibit will close on May 21st. For more info go to: Tufts University's Aidekman Art Center.

At right is a video of Ying Gao's eye-tracking dresses, which can detect where the viewer is looking at the dress and react by undulating, and morphing. The dress displayed on the left is on view at the exhibit as well as another piece by Gao that reacts to camera's flash by emitting light and generating movement to blur the resulting photograph. Gao's work was also exhibited at the MFA's groundbreaking Techstyle exhibit in 2016


Click on the gallery of images below to get more info on each piece

I hope you get a chance to see this remarkable show. To see a listing of this and other notable fashion-related exhibits, please refer to our schedule of shows which we are constantly updating.

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we leave you with one last image of the piece by Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman, click on the image to read more about her BioWear project.

BioWear Project by Rebbecah Pailes-Friedman


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