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top 5 Aquariums and how they inspire us

The mysterious depths of the oceans create a sense of wonder that has the power to captivate creative minds. For Spring/ Summer 2018 those in the fashion industry will not be immune to this attraction. We expect city streets, runways, and boardwalks to be filled with aquatic inspired designs, styles, and prints by this time next year.

Most people have a fantasy in their mind of the subaquatic world, and some designers have been inspired to transform their own visions into apparel. Garments consisting of various soft hues of blues and greens, flowing lines, sheer fluid fabrics, and gentle silhouettes. Their designs are accented with ruffles representative of waves, and embellished with subtle details and textures inspired by a variety of sea life. These oceanic-inspired designs contain the essence of fluidity skillfully executed by artisans and designers seeking to evoke that primal feeling that water stirs in all of us.

Pinterest | Zuhair Murad

Why does water have such a universal appeal? The factual answers could be compelling enough: that the planet is more than 2/3 covered by water, that we humans cannot live more than a week or so without consuming it, or that in fact an adult human is made up of approximately 50% water. But that might not fully explain the mysterious fact that we are simply drawn to the water; it's in our nature. Science has come to prove that being by the water actually provides cognitive benefits. Stress is relieved by the soothing sounds of the waves, the ocean provides a sense of nostalgia to its visitors, and the power of water has even been proven to heal people physically and emotionally. With so many benefits of water, why wouldn’t we be inspired by it? Its positive affect on us leaves us almost addicted to the sea.

Another aspect that has many drawn to the aquatic theme recently is the very urgent issue of global warming and how this impacts our oceans. Without a doubt, the polar glaciers are melting and sea levels are rising. How this will impact the very same coastlines we flock to for relaxation, the marvelous sea creatures that inhabit the sea, and the millions of people worldwide that live and make their livelihoods from the ocean, is a cause of great concern to anyone who has been paying attention to environmental issues in the past two decades. Many people are making efforts to call attention to our most precious natural resource and the urgency of its tenuous situation.


Below the surface is another world mysterious to many, since most of us will never experience the deepest depths of the ocean - it’s a rare opportunity to be able to dive into this unknown. So here we sit above sea level, inspired by the creatures who spend their entire lives in this blue bliss. These animals, so unique in color, diverse in texture, and rare in appearance, are currently inspiring designers who seek originality.

Here at Polychrome, we have our own take on the aquatic trend. Our theme "Atlantis" is heavily inspired not only by what we see going on culturally and societally, and also in art exhibits and in early sightings on runways.

the moodboard for Atlantis below:

Aquatic inspired prints are not only being used for clothing, but also all sorts of product, spanning everything from home decor to paper goods Here are some of our newest Atlantis inspired prints for the 2018 Summer season:

Original Polychrome prints from left: Fishy Swirls | Coral | Ocean Waves


Since this trends draws inspiration from the depths of the oceans and the sea animals that inhabit them, we decided to give you an inside look into the world’s best aquariums. This way if you are yearning for a little aquatic inspiration, you will know exactly where to find it!

1. Georgia Aquarium - Atlanta, Georgia

This is the largest aquarium located in the western hemisphere. It contains over 10 million gallons of water and houses over tens of thousands of animals.

Georgia Aquarium


2. Monterey Bay Aquarium - Monterey, California

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is a non- profit organization whose main priority is the conservation of our oceans.

Monterey Bay Aquarium


3. Sea Life London Aquarium - London, United Kingdom

This famous aquarium hosts around one million visitors every year. This aquarium even had a taste of Hollywood when the new Sherlock filmed a scene on its property!

SEA LIFE London Aquarium


4. Shanghai Ocean Aquarium - Shanghai, China

As of now, the largest aquarium in the entire world. This facility holds the record for the longest submarine viewing tunnels, measuring in at 155 meters long!

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium


5. TurkuaZoo - Istanbul, Turkey If you're looking for the largest aquarium in Europe with the greatest variety of sea life, you'll find it at Turkazoo!



How do you plan on addressing the Atlantis trend?

We'd love to know if you think this is viable trend for you - let us know your thoughts below...

Other Sources: Vogue | Alexander McQueen | Valentino

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