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Inspiring us: Budapest

The capital of Hungary, Budapest is a hidden gem nestled on the Danube River. It is an up and coming city rich in culture, history, and even fashion. Beautiful views and architecture stand in contrast with the city's dark past under communist rule. Today, Budapest not only projects a beautiful and confident identity to the world, but also embodies beauty in the cultural pride that can be seen throughout the Hungarian people who rebuilt the spirit and city of Budapest as it is today.

Explore Budapest's beauty in the gallery below...

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Culture & Allure

The views of Budapest are like no other, largely due to the impressive architecture which is so intricate in design that churches, synagogues, castles, and parliament buildings have become some of Hungary's greatest works of art. Folk music and dress still have a prominent presence in this city. Even though many view the grim, dark Budapest as a different city than the Budapest which tourists flock to today, the Hungarian culture is still relevant. Folk festivals, containing Hungarian gypsy-style music and traditional dance performances, are often accompanied with classic foods such as goulash, and folk-style attire. Colorful, floral embroidery covers dresses and vests which are common along with the handmade laces that the country is known for.

Because of their motif-rich patterns and highly embellished designs, traditional folk dress is still a source of inspiration for many modern fashions. Hungarian embroidery and prints are often mixed and matched to create an ensemble. This is also a widespread appreciation of the Bohemian style that is trending in the fashion world today. Colors, textures, and details are used in excess to create the baroque aesthetic which Hungarians are known for. Not only is this trend desired for its heritage and culturally rich background, but it also fits nicely with the ‘Global Fashionista’ mindset that is emulated by many today. It seems every fashion blogger on the planet (certainly at music festivals) has taken up this style and run with it.

The Bohemian style is drawing attention to Eastern and Central European countries whose fashion capabilities have not been recognized on a global platform. Budapest's fashions were catapulted into the spotlight following the debut of Central European Fashion Days, in 2011. This fashion competition challenged designers to transform traditional folk motifs into contemporary, high-end, designs. This competition created a greenhouse for fashion designers throughout Hungary to flourish, and kicked off the careers of many new and talented designers.

View the slideshow below of some Hungarian designs...

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Inspiring for fashion

Defying its dark history, Budapest is now a city full of color, energy, and light. The city glows at night as the beautifully designed buildings light up when the sun goes down. The heart of Hungary, Budapest embraces the culture of its country and appreciates its folk heritage and background. Not only is the renowned white lace found in abundance, and appreciated for its simple elegance, but the rich colors of embroidery create a palette that is inspiring for artists and designers of all types. Vibrant hues of red, blue, orange, yellow, and greens are abundant throughout the city. These saturated hues can be found not only in clothing and decorative textiles, but also in architectural elements. Anything from roofs on municipal buildings and churches to the elaborate interiors of their famous thermal baths are adorned these lively shades.

The vibrancy, tradition, and culture of Budapest have proven to influence designers all over the world, as they have created Bohemian inspired designs and prints reflective of the energy and rich culture of the city. Many modern designs are covered in prints, tassels, furs and often embody a certain folk inspired look. But most importantly, modern day Boho looks are usually embroidered or printed with traditional motifs, a clear homage to their folk predecessors. Elle Magazine has even done editorials with a focus on folk aesthetic and styling and its influence on the high-end fashion world. Though it has been a trend that is appealing to high-end designers, it embodies a certain laid-back look, which is coveted by every day fashionistas.

Are you now inspired to add Budapest to your 'bucket list'? Or have you been and have insight on the city you would like to share with us? Leave us some feedback in the comments below.

Below are some prints from our Bohemian Rhapsody trend.

From top left : Lotus Flower, Tossed Paisley, Bejeweled, Folk Foral, Boho Ikat , Lace Eyelet

Go to our print shop to see more of our beautiful prints for fall, and let us know what you think of the Bohemian Rhapsody trend we have predicted!


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