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Fall 2018 - 19 TREND preview!

Enjoy this exclusive overview of some of the Autumn/ Winter 2018 - 19 trends that we have projected for next year. Our extensively researched and carefully curated trend reports provide you with valuable insights in a concise format to stay abreast of the most vital upcoming trends without information overload.

Polychrome will be giving an extensive presentation on these trends at this week's Apparel Designers Network event. The event is free to industry insiders and our subscribers. Please sign up here - we look forward to seeing you there!

Keep an eye out for these trends on the runways in 2018 and make sure to visit our Prints shop as we start fill it with artwork addressing these fresh new trends.

Fall 2018 2019 womens fashion trend Mood Indigo

Once exclusive to royalty, indigo has never lost its charm. It evokes sky and sea, ancient and modern, and its draw is universal. Immerse yourself in patterns that can be found across cultures in traditional weaving and dyeing methods to create an indigo mood.

Fall 2018 2019 womens fashion trend Crystals Witchcraft Mystics

A yearning for a deeper spirituality combines with heady dose of hedonism and a fascination with all things mystical. Our enchantress casts her spell in flowing silhouettes and sheer layers of magical pattern. The mood is mysterious and you are left feeling enchanted.

Fall 2018 - 2019 womens fashion trend Ballet Russes

A feast for the eyes, our graceful muse is equally at home in opulent garb as she is in off-duty cozy layers. The feminine palette and eclectic mix of patterns are inspired by a broad range of cultures and a variety of art movements from the early 20th century.

Fall fashion trend 2018 - 2019 Modern Sculpture

Inspired by Mid-century Modern design and sculpture, and mingled with organic shapes and destroyed textures. An ice-queen palette grounded with earthy tones and punctuated with abstract motifs. This aloof icon steams and simmers just beneath her cool surface.

Now that you have had a chance to sample our preview, be sure to check out the Trend shop where these and all our trend reports are available for purchase and immediate download.

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