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Celebrity Crush: Rowan Blanchard

Rowan Blanchard

image source: Nylon magazine - photo by Gia Coppola/ styled by Chris Horan

Sixteen year old actress Rowan Blanchard is taking the world by storm with her amazing fashion sense and passionate feminism. The young woman is a top influencer for activism and equal rights for women and girls and utilizes her huge following on social media to promote her views. I see this strong, beautiful young woman as someone who will continue to amaze the world as she grows and develops her talents as well as her activism.

Rowan Blanchard, activist,  at WE Day 2016

a Talented Young Actress and Activist

From her earliest T.V. roles circa 2009 to her breakthrough role as Riley Matthews in Girl Meets World, the young actress has steadily made quite a name for herself. Her acting career is on the rise and she has landed the lead role in the upcoming remake of A Wrinkle in Time (due out March 2018). Besides cultivating her blossoming acting career, she is also very social media savvy and is considered quite an influencer. Her twitter and instagram feeds are packed with inspirational quotes, support for causes she fights for, and strong opinions about the world around her.

She leverages her celebrity to further the causes close to her heart and uses her social media platforms as a way to promote the feminist movement and gain support from and inspire females worldwide. In a recent article for Teen Vogue, she illustrates how she is able to use her celebrity to connect with other activists to work towards meaningful change within the film industry and beyond.

Besides being an outspoken feminist, she works hard to bring awareness to issues such as depression, LGBTQ matters, and other social and societal concerns. Above all, Blanchard preaches acceptance of one another and emphasizes the importance of finding acceptance for yourself.

Rowan Blanchard Fashion

a Writer and Artist

The young actress also has an art book coming out soon, featuring artwork from both her and her friends. Titled “Still Here”, the passion project has been over three years in the making and is a compilation of art by herself and some of her "insanely talented friends". It is meant to be “an intimate portrayal of modern girlhood and a thoughtful reflection on what it means to be a teenager in today’s world” as it looks into the life of Rowan Blanchard and friends from the artistic perspective. The book is expected to be released February 13, 2018. If you are like me and dying to get your hands on a copy, you can preorder here.


Rowan Blanchard quote on fashion and style

a Style Influencer

Known for her fashion-forward style and creative makeup, Rowan Blanchard never fails to surprise with her new looks. Appearing on runways and attending designer dinners, Blanchard is no newbie to the fashion life. Her aesthetic usually includes some form of streetwear, vibrant color and interesting prints, while staying true to simplicity and elegance. In an interview with AnOther Magazine, she stated that she gravitates towards pieces that are “strange looking and billow-y”. Rowen also said, “people don’t realize that, that fashion is such a tool for creating how you want to be looked at.” She also wears makeup that utilizes both colour and motifs in a way that defies the norm. These cutting edge looks challenge the expectation of traditional beauty and set her apart from others.

Despite being so young, Rowan Blanchard has already made a huge impact in the worlds of film, fashion, and activism. I look forward to seeing her grow and the progress she will be making in the future.


Below are some prints we would love to see on Rowan!

from top left: Runes & Crystals | Parasols | Watercolor Crystals | Wild Iris | Chrysanthemums | Branches - Shattered Illusions | Nail Polish | Hummingbirds | Porcelain Floral

Our #CelebrityCrush series highlights stylish and groundbreaking celebrities of our time who are using their influence for social causes and to make the world a better place.

Who is your celebrity crush? Let us know!


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