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How does POLYCHROME save Designers time?

Polychrome Print Trend Inspiration for fashion apparel designers

Designers - when we started Polychrome, we envisioned a service that would not only bring you fresh ideas and inspiration, but also a feeling of relief.

Time is the one thing we can’t make more of, and in the fashion business there never seems to be enough. Tight turn around times and demanding production calendars can really stifle inspiration and put a stranglehold on creativity. As fashion designers, your number one priority should be maintaining creativity to problem solve, to be open to new ideas, to DESIGN.

...and, wouldn't it be nice if you could actually get this done a little more sanely, leave the office at a reasonable time, and get some of your life back?

While we can't promise you that our services will magically have you home every night before 7, we can tell you that our services will help save time in development.

Here's how:

Our prints are designed to help alleviate the bottleneck of print development in the design calendar.

save time with Polychrome prints


Our trends are concise, targeted, and to the point so you can get what you need and get on with what you do best: designing beautiful clothes.

Polychrome fashion trend reports


Our custom services can help you get some of your time back in the crucial development stage, so you can get a little breathing room to be creative.

Polychrome Custom Design Services


Our newsletters and blog posts will keep you up to date on the latest exhibits, tech breakthroughs, and trends. It's a weekly dose of inspiration delivered right to your inbox!

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We are looking forward to being your secret weapon.

Now, let's tame that design calendar and get you home in time for dinner.

Polychrome Print Trend and Design services for the fashion apparel industry

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