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Spring/Summer 2019 TREND preview!

Polychrome Spring/Summer 2019 fashion trends

Every season, the Polychrome team does extensive research to get you concise insight on next year's trends before they happen. We have prepared a special sneak peek for your development of Spring/Summer 2019 below. For more detailed info, check out our exclusive trend reports here and make sure to take a look at our print shop to see some of most beautiful prints available before they hit the runway!

Spring Summer 2019 fashion Trend Picnic at Hanging Rock

Inspired by the cult film from the 70's, our trend, Picnic at Hanging Rock, is imbued with innocence and has the unmistakable atmosphere of a sultry summer day. From full long day dresses to denim shorts and peasant blouses, we're expecting to see a lot more of these dreamy looks on runways next year. By the way, this trend is just in time for the new Picnic at Hanging Rock series which is due to begin streaming this March.

Spring Summer 2019 fashion Trend Renaissance

In contemporary fashion, the Renaissance term Sprezzatura describes the look of artful dishevelment—the ability to appear put together while mismatched or slightly askew. This unstudied elegance coupled with opulent textures and colors is the encompassing feeling of this trend. Flowing, feminine silhouettes and embellishments that reflect a softer, more enlightened time are the fashion industry's newest love affair. Floral and woodland fauna motifs as well as embroidered lace are a major part of the Renaissance trend and have started making appearances at Rodarte and Bluemarine.

Spring Summer fashion 2019 Trend Navel Gazer

This eccentric trend is all about finding oneself and embracing the journey. The Navel Gazer trend has a millennial vibe full of off-bright colors and statement pieces with a sarcastic air. This art-fueled aesthetic is sure to be catch the eyes of the younger fashion crowd as it possesses a strong sense of self expression. Keep an eye out for the abstract and scribbled motifs and transparent materials that will fill the runway next year.


This is only the beginning of the trends we are projecting for next year.

We will be releasing a new one each month, so stay tuned to stay informed!

Be sure to check out the Trend shop where these and all our trend reports are available for purchase and immediate download.

* We intend no copyright infringement by displaying images from other sources on our site. Unless otherwise noted, all images are the property of their respective owners.

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