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Trend Report: Fall Fashion + Digital Trends

On Friday, March 23rd, our own Thea Pérez, Creative Director and Founder of Polychrome, joined Amanda Curtis and Gemma Sole, Co-Founders of Nineteenth Amendment, and the Apparel Designers Network, in an amazing presentation of fashion and retail trends at the BUild Lab at Boston University. Here's a rundown of this exclusive event!

Trend Report: Fall Fashion + Digital Trends

The event was broken up into two different presentations. The first, given by Gemma, covered "Upcoming Digital Trends for Fashion Brands". This presentation focused on how digital brands like Nineteenth Amendment are growing, and some of the strategies they are using which you can implement to grow your fashion brand as well.

The second part of the evening was Thea's presentation, "Fashion Trend Analysis for Fall 2018". Attendees were treated to an exclusive look at POLYCHROME's Autumn/Winter 2018-19 trend forecast and a thorough analysis of the trend direction. This presentation was given to prepare you for the upcoming fall season and to get you ready to market your apparel designs.

Digital Trends with Gemma Sole

The presentation began with Gemma discussing how brands are working digitally to grow. She mentioned why the runway is still important in fashion design as each show has a story, or meaning behind it that has an opportunity to resonate with customers on a personal level. As a brand, Gemma said it is important to not only "build your moment", but make connections through other companies and brands to really build your name. Developing relationships and partnerships with other brands is a terrific way to reach audiences that you may not otherwise have access to and can help amplify the message of your brand. She also stressed the importance of customer interaction and underscored that it is vital to build a loyal "tribe" around your brand. Developing strong PR, focusing on marketing, and creating a compelling story around your brand are also key strategies to implement. She closed with this important message: "Shoot high and don't be afraid to go for it".

Trend Forecast with Thea Pérez

In presenting POLYCHROME's five trend predictions for A/W 2018-19, Thea spoke about some of the cultural influences and artistic movements that were indicators of the trends to come. Most of these trends were predicted over 18 months ago so that industry insiders were able to implement this information in the development of their apparel lines. In turn, our POLYCHROME print designers were busy developing a treasure trove of beautiful original prints for our clients to use in creating their fashion products.
In her presentation, Thea broke down each trend by introducing the mood and overall aesthetic story as well as reviewing the color palette, pattern direction, and key silhouettes and details that support that trend. She closed each of the five themes with a sampling of the exclusive print designs developed by our team of talented artists to correspond with each trend.
The trend stories featured were: Mood Indigo, Ballet Russes, Modern Sculpture, Valkyrie Syndrome, and Crystals & Mystics. These and all our trend reports including the current season in development, Spring/Summer 2019, are all available in our trend shop.
Below is a slideshow of the A/W 2018-19 trend thumbnails.

Couldn't make the event?

No worries - we've got you covered! Both POLYCHROME and Nineteenth Amendment livestreamed the event on their respective Facebook pages so you can still see this insightful presentation.
Watch the live recording from Friday night below!

Curious to see some of the on-trend prints that were in our presentation?

Flip through the images below to get a sneak peek of what was shown; some of these exclusive prints and repeat patterns are still available for purchase here on our print shop!
What did you think of the presentation?

We would LOVE to hear your thoughts - let us know below. Also, make sure to join the Apparel Designers Network to find out about other wonderful events like this one!


Sources: all sources as listed above.

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