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microtrend alert! the EYES have it

Do you see what 'eye' see? The eye motif as a pattern isn't necessarily new, but we're seeing it everywhere now and it shows no sign of abating. Take a look at some ways designers have been addressing this trend:

Eye motif as a fashion trend

images clockwise from top left: Vera Wang Collection | Florence Welch in Kenzo | Kenzo Shirt | Schiaparelli Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2016-17 Show Couture | Kenzo Shirt on the Runway


The eye motif trend is not new to the game. We've seen it building for a few seasons on runways with Kenzo's playful pieces, Schiaparelli's visionary designs, and on accessories everywhere, but it goes much farther back than that. Since ancient times, the eye has been a symbol of power and wisdom, and even protection across all cultures. The Eye of Horus, named after the ancient Egyptian sky God, symbolizes power, health, and protection. The All Seeing Eye is a religious symbol representing an omniscient God. The goddess Shiva popularized the third eye representing wisdom and power. The current trend carries on this ancient symbolism through updated and modern pieces. Jewelry and accessories have especially embraced this motif.

check out some examples of the eye in accessories:


Even if it's not about the symbolism, this trend is a fun and quirky way to express a new fashion statement. It reflects a newfound fascination with the occult and mysticism in the the fashion world. This microtrend is part of some much bigger trends that have been emerging that connote a darker and more mysterious aesthetic in apparel. We address these inclinations in our Crystals and Mystics trend. From the runway to the streets, the eye motif is gaining ground, so get ready to see more of it.

check out some of our exclusive prints that address this trend from top left:

Eye of the Storm | Sun Power | Moon & Stars | Mystic Woman

We want to know what you think of this eye-catching trend.

Are you all for the eyes?

For some more examples of this motif in fashion, take a look at our dedicated Pinterest board.

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