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Creativity at the RISD Fashion Show!

RISD fashion show 2018

On Saturday, May 19th I attended the Senior Fashion show for Rhode Island School of Design. This show is the culmination of not just one year of concentrated work, but of several years of preparation and training to get these emerging designers to this milestone in their careers. Here's an overview of some show highlights.


Streetwear & Avant Garde

Although it is difficult to categorize some of the pieces into one segment of clothing or another, there were several students who presented collections that felt distinctly streetwear - standout examples were by Fernando Flaquer and Vaughan Lewis Carman. Some remarkably well executed and marvelously engineered garments were more avant garde, such as Mathew Streepy's or Lou Rodgers' work


Evening & Theatrical

There were several wonderful collections of dramatic garments. Some highlights were presented by Zehua Crystal Wu, whose collection features dark floral prints and cellophane textures, and also by Michaela Wong Xing Yi whose garments of iridescent organza were bound with straps and latches.


Sportswear and Daywear

Many of the collections that were presented were very wearable while still being very creatively designed and executed. Standouts include the prairie-inspired group by McKenzie Everett; some lovely gauzy pieces by Avery Albert; and a colorful and youthful collection by Ying Bonnie Cai.


This debut is only the beginning for the collective talent about to make its mark on our industry. Keep these names in mind, because it won't be the last you will be hearing of many of them and you can say you heard of them here first!

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images: WWD | Jaijun Kaczorowski | Polychrome

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