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Summer 2019 TREND preview!

Summer 2019 fashion trend forecast

Every season, the Polychrome team does extensive research to get you concise insight on next year's trends before they happen. We have prepared a special sneak peek for your development of Summer 2019 below.

Spring Summer 2019 fashion Trend Picnic at Hanging Rock

French women always perfectly capture the perfect blend of sexy and casual chic. French Connection is inspired by their seemingly effortless style. From iconic neck scarves and sailor stripes to modern takes on classic prints, this trend is bound to be a hit for next summer. We can't wait to see this classic trend redux hit both the runway and streets.

Spring Summer 2019 fashion Trend Renaissance

Malibu Dreamin' is all about the cool early 70's California vibes. Think surf and skate fashion meeting hippie beach babe. We're predicting lots of soft brights that pop combined with vintage prints for the perfect sunny day in California. Get ready for the vintage vibes that this trend will bring back.

Spring Summer fashion 2019 Trend Navel Gazer

Wild at Heart is heavily inspired by the same-titled David Lynch film as well as by American rockabilly culture, motocross, and Teddy Girls. A retro palette of Cadillac colors lends punch to nostalgic patterns and cheeky conversational prints. This report will fuel the perfect late summer/transitional collection.


We are beyond excited to see these trends in action next summer.

Be sure to check out the Trend shop where these and all our trend reports are available for purchase and immediate download.

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