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5 Unisex Labels delivering Genderless Fashion

The words“feminine” and “masculine” are blurring. Streetstyle trends and runways alike have been highlighting the rise of more unisex silhouettes. Imagine how cool it is to be able to shop labels that are not “sex specific” and for people to have a more relaxed attitude towards fashion. With summer around the corner, fashion is punctuated with fun prints and patterns. We’ve rounded up the creative brands to keep an eye on in 2018 that make the most

of unisex styling and fun patterns.

Unisex Fashion is pushing bounderies

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Loverboy fashion brand
Loverboy fashion label by Charles Jeffrey

From his first debut at London Fashion Week, Charles Jeffrey proved he was a rising star to watch when he won the British Emerging Talent at 2017's Fashion Awards. This creative force got his start when he launched the Loverboy night club which had become popular among cool kids in the hood and turned into the most talked-about artistic fashion label of the moment. In addition to being a talented designer, he is also a gifted illustrator. His collection was inspired from the childhood pain of being bullied growing up gay; fashion was his way of showing those bullies that they couldn’t beat him. His label doesn't only offer fresh silhouettes and energetic prints; he also donated 30% of the proceeds from his collection to Diversity Role Models, a charity that exists to to tackle homophobic, biphobic, and transphobic bullying.

Check out more on his Instagram

Alex Mullins genderless fashion
Alex Mullins unisex fashion brand

British designer Alex Mullins showcased a variety of visual stories and design aesthetics from deconstructed shirting to technical details and creative graphic prints in primary colors. The collection strikes a balance between formal casual and a creative line by using innovative bespoke textiles designed for modern men. You can clearly see that there's a feminine touch in most of his pieces which also make his line a wearable option for women too.

Check out more on his Instagram

Haley Elsesser fashion designer
Haley Elsaesser unisex fashion label

This Toronto label is serious about making the world a more colorful place. Elsaesser is very passionate about color-saturated digital prints on street wear apparel. Through her unisex line, she designs to fit different people with festive prints to make an impact which is unquestionably cool and interesting. Famous pop stars like Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, and Kesha are among the brand's muses. Check out her terrific collaboration with Nike: Hayley Elsaesser x Nike x Vanguard

Instagram here

Pronounce unisex fashion brand
Pronounce genderless fashion label

Chinese designers Yushan Li and Jun Zhou are designers behind the brand Pronounce, which showcases youthful masculine style in charming earthy tones. Flowers are thoughtfully used as the key motif to many of their collections to highlight the beauty of nature. The classic lines and loose silhouettes are perfect for cool urban women as well as men. The collection offers a sporty aesthetic with a fairly simple pieces punctuated with truly arresting graphics.

Instagram here

unisex fashion by Thebe Magugu
Genderless fashion brand Thebe Magugu

The designer Thebe Magugu , behind his South African label, is passionate in exploring the difference between masculinity & femininity and how to balance together in one form. Many of his collections are drawn from his childhood memories growing up surrounded by the women who played an important roles in his life.His fashion forward pieces surely offered interesting pallets and could be defined as beautiful, transformative and functional.

Instagram here


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sources: Charles Jeffrey | Alex Mullins | Hayley Elsaesser | PRONOUNCE | Thebe Magugu

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