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Inspiring us: Amy Winehouse

There is an obvious creative intersection between music, fashion, and pop culture. An enduring inspirational figure who bridged the gap between these three worlds, Amy Winehouse was a gifted singer with a unique sense of style that put her on the map as a fashion icon.


Amy's edgy but sweet style reminds us of a vintage rockabilly girl with a modern twisted, echoing her fascination with 50's and 60's American R&B music. Her intense thick wing eyeliner almost reached her eyebrows and big her beehive up-do, always decorated with a flower or bandanna, created an authentic appearance that not just anyone could pull off. You would think only someone with supreme confidence would sport that look, but Amy was not always comfortable being a public figure. She was once quoted as saying: "I mean, I'm a musician I'm not a model. The more insecure I felt, the more I’d drink..the more insecure I feel, the bigger my hair has to be."

Amy did not rise to fame just because of her signature vintage look; she was as talented as she was stylish. She possessed a voice that could do justice to the great soul and gospel singers she emulated and could wow her audiences belting out the most heartbreaking lyrics. Through her music and way of dressing, she expressed the elegance of another era, but also imbued it with her own grittiness which and made it feel totally modern.

Her style was hard to miss, though. She had a clear vision of how she wanted to look and embraced that style in her own way creating a daring look that just worked. One day you might see her wearing a short vibrant cocktail dress with huge hoops earrings, while the next she could be a caricature of a hot housewife with bright red nails, short tight pencil skirt, and sky-high heels.

According to her personal stylist, Naomi Parry, Amy really liked bold, old-school prints and a wide tight belt especially from the company called Arrogant Cat. Parry noted that Amy wanted to showcase her sexy curvy shape and could pull the belt so tight that you couldn't imagine breathing in it.

Sadly, this beloved cult icon with unique emotional voice passed away in 2011 at the age of 27. Her lasting style has become a popular reference for fashion designers and magazines like Chanel, Dior, and Vogue. By staying true to her own style, Amy has become a style influencer and can be credited as an original artist who inspires free spirit and individuality in other women.

below are a few snapshots of looks inspired by Amy's unique retro style:


While developing one of our summer 2019 trends, "Wild at Heart", we felt ourselves channeling the spirit of Amy's vintage style. The prints in this collection are every bit as cheeky and sweet as any rockabilly girl and would be perfect on anything from a colorful dress to cigarette pants or playful accessories.

take a peek through the gallery below for a small selection of prints from this collection:

Snake Medallion | Scattered Stars| Skater Girl | Lipstick | Snakeskin Abstract | Floral Hearts

Be sure to check our extensive collection of fashion prints here


Sources: GQ | Fashionista | Vogue

* We intend no copyright infringement by displaying images from other sources on our site. Unless otherwise noted, all images are the property of their respective owners.

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