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microtrend alert: Granddad's Argyle!

What's old is new again, Argyle is back - the menswear diamond patterns are the hottest trend. This traditional pattern, once seen on your granddad's favorite cardigan, is being cast in a whole new light just like ugly “dad sneakers” have been made into the the latest craze thanks to Balenciaga’s Triple S kicks. It looks like fashion is ready to embrace your granddad's fusty style in a way that goes beyond an appreciation of vintage. The embrace of motifs and items that are decidedly un-cool, even dowdy, is very stylish at the moment, so it should be no surprise that Argyle is poised to be the street-chic statement for Fall 2018.

Fall 2018 Argyle prints

Credits : Pinterest, Pringle of Scotland, Prada


Fashionistas looking for a casual-but-classic look that can transition from Summer to Fall have found their motif du jour in the staid Argyle. The strong repeated geometric shape and nod to heritage aesthetic creates a strong case for making it Fall-appropriate. Argyle's eye-catching overlay of intersecting diagonal lines on solid diamonds add an element of interest to your outfit especially in deep and autumnal tones ranging from warm reds and grey to the current fashion favorites - purple and yellow.

Last fall trendsetter Rihanna was spotted wearing red argyle socks with clear plastic heels complimenting her head-to-toe Burberry ensemble. She totally owned the look and pushed the nerdy staple into the public eye in a way that was anything but ordinary.

Rihanna rocks red argyle socks with plastic heels

As if Ri Ri's endorsement wasn't enough of a validation, this season we observed the pattern infiltrating streetwear, and saw many labels pushing Argyle to the next level on their runways. Prada's Fall Winter 2018/2019 show highlighted the dramatic statement of complimentary colors between purple argyle sweater and yellow printed skirt. The heritage British knitwear label, Pringle of Scotland, not to be outdone in its own canon, showed a powerful collection with street luxe pieces showcasing heavy knit abstract argyle patched onto deconstructed cardigans layered over each other. The traditional Scottish pattern looked modern on their runway when presented on loose ponchos. The influential label, Raf Simons, also make it a dominant part of his collection. Forget about the classic argyle you remember from family photos, the forward designer pushed boundaries by enlarging the proportion of the diamond shape and playing with disorder to create an "anti-fashion" statement. Simons' "Youth in Motion" Fall Winter 2018 collection featured argyle-patterned bibs over bulky turtleneck cardigans and color blocking to elevate argyle to the luxest levels.

All we have been seeing from runways and style influencers of late has us thinking - maybe it's time to start raiding your father's closet instead of your mom's.


We feel strongly that Argyle is an important pattern trend that we will be seeing for some time. Using clashing patterns can create a sense of three-dimensionality that can lend a modern and youthful tone. It's definitely a motif you should incorporate into your line development.

Below are some innovative ways our artists have addressed this pattern trend. Make sure to check our print collection often as we are always adding fresh new prints for your exclusive use!

check out some of our exclusive prints that address this trend :

Watercolor Chevron | Origami Watercolor | Calming Crystals | Watercolor Geometric | Wavy Diamonds | Iridescent Losenge

We want to know what you think of the Argyle trend.

Will you be incorporating it into your line?

For some more examples of this motif in fashion, take a look at our dedicated Pinterest board.

Sources: Fashionisers | Dazed Digital | WhoWhatWear | GQ | Vogue

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