• Saruta Chaochavanil for POLYCHROME

Top 5 Accessories for Fall 2018

Fall is fast approaching and, although we will be sad to see summer go, we are looking forward to the new accessories the cool weather will bring. This year it's all about statement accessories that elevate your outfit instantly with little effort. It’s never too early to be ahead of the curve, so here's your run-down of the hottest accessories to up your game this Fall.

Top 5 Accessories for Fall 2018 ; Jacquemus , Dolce&Gabbana

credits : Vogue , Janashia , Dolce&Gabbana

1. Mismatched Earrings

Mismatched earring , jewelry statement of 2018

From Left to Right : Jacquemus , Dries Van Noten , Chanel , Roksanda , Margot McKinney

The proportion play of pairing opposing earrings is all the rage this season. If you’re a big fan of quirky, unexpected jewelry choices, this statement can easily add an avant-garde touch to your outfit. Mismatching on purpose is definitely a thing; fashion-forward designers like Céline, Alexander McQueen, Chanel, and Jacquemus are among those supporting this look.

The hi-end accessories designer Lizzie Fortunato, whose New York based label is inspired by fine art, travel, and artisanal craftsmanship, mentioned: “There’s an overwhelming earring trend in general. Any kind of interesting earring is going to grab attention right now. In particular with asymmetry, it’s something that catches the eye—it’s a little askew, a little odd, and then you realize it’s cool, it’s beautiful, and it makes you take notice.”

2. Neck Pouches

Neck pouch / Jewelry statement for Fall 2018