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Bold Prints are for All Shapes and Sizes

Think only smaller sizes can get away with colorful prints, bold patterns, and bright colors? Think again - consumers have made it clear that size isn't going to stop them from wearing the latest trends and brands are finally starting to accommodate them.

Let's explore some fashion influencers and brands that are making a big strides in this market.

plus sizes women on print patterns fashion trend

People come in all shapes and sizes and while this is not anything new, for some reason we are still holding ourselves and each other to unrealistic beauty standards. In our modern climate dominated by social media, although there is a lot of rhetoric about acceptance and self love, there is still a lot of "fat shaming" going on and it's not only unacceptable, but extremely destructive.

The mentality that fashion is only reserved for a select few that meet the beauty standards of the day is ridiculous, and frankly, not even good business considering how many people don't fit the description of the fashion "ideal". The truth is fashion is for everybody. Sizing measurements have little to do with individual style; the real key is to know what makes you look and feel good so you have the confidence to be yourself and have fun with your clothes.


There are a couple of notable fashion influencers that are advancing this idea and helping to break the boundaries of what it means to dress for your size.

Katie Sturino in print floral patterns

Beautiful fashion blogger and instagram darling, Katie Sturino is a size-16 New Yorker who believes great style can look chic at any size. With over 200K followers on her Instagram @the12ishstyle, Katie has become a fashion influencer with clout. In fact, Katie has been going one step further and is turning the tables on brands and calling them out on social media for not addressing the needs of the plus size market.

On her IG profile, Katie shines in bold prints and fun outfit ideas and also tell you where to shop them. We love her fun #supersizethelook hashtag where she imitates celebrities outfits style in plus size. She proves that style has no size. Katie favorites' looks include funky animal-prints, florals, geometric patterns, stripes, and plaids that reflect her vibrant personality.

"I'm a sucker for stripes and for anything colorful. I want suits that make me feel happy when I put them on, not something that looks like it is trying to hide my body"

- Katie Sturino


Essie Golden is another great influencer to follow. She's a plus size influencer, designer, model, and founder of the #GoldenConfidence body positive movement on Instagram (@golden.confidence) which spreads her inclusive message with more than 208K worldwide.

Essie Golden rocking printed outfits

Her hashtag specifically encourage plus size women to wear swimsuits with confidence and break the rules of society's beauty norms. We especially love how she showcases bold print patterned swimwear. Essie once hosted the Golden Confidence Pool Party where plus sized women from all around the world proudly wore bikinis, tight body-con dresses, and other outfits that are often considered off-limits for plus-size women.

The golden confidence pool party


“We have money but nowhere to spend it”

- Kristine Thompson , fashion influencer

Some major brands in the fashion industry are taking note and beginning to expand their size ranges. Reformation , Savage x Fenty (lingerie by Rihanna) , J.Crew, Rag & Bone , Madewell, and Theory have officially launched extended sizing. Some retailers are even getting in on the opportunity; Nordstrom launched private label Halogen, which features extended sizing and they have begun offering a broader size range among many brands they carry. This is a good sign for consumers because women shouldn't have to feel victimized by sizing systems. It's a great step for those brands because those willing to serve the needs of this long-ignored market will reap the benefits.

images left to right: J Crew, Reformation, Savage


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