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Fall 2019 TREND preview!

Fall 2019 fashion trend forecast

Every season, the Polychrome team does extensive research to get you concise insight on next year's trends before they happen. We have prepared a special sneak peek for your development of Fall 2019 below.

Spring Summer 2019 fashion Trend Picnic at Hanging Rock

The spirit of Mumbai is the driving force of this trend. With the city undergoing a rapid transformation in recent years to become a cosmopolitan cultural center, Mumbai is the perfect balance of heritage and cutting edge design. Mumbai Modern delivers beautiful patterns and a vibrant palette with a decidedly a modern aesthetic.

Spring Summer 2019 fashion Trend Renaissance

Pacific Northwest is inspired by the rugged landscape and laid back culture of the American Northwest. With a nod to early 90's grunge, the muse for this group would be just as at home on a woodland trail as in a hip downtown cafe. The group sports outdoor gear influences as well as bold graphics inspired by nature, indigenous art, and blanket patterns.

Spring Summer fashion 2019 Trend Navel Gazer

Influenced by the sweeping Cubist style of artist Lyonel Feininger and his contemporaries, this group boasts a rich kaleidoscope of color and painterly layers. It is a perfect blend of autumnal palette with bold abstract patterns and prints. The Feininger trend report will fuel your best fall group yet.


We can't wait to see these trends come to fruition next year!

Be sure to check out our Trend shop where these and all our other trend reports are available for purchase and immediate download.

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