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Top 5 looks from the 80's to wear right now!

80's fashion has been resurfacing again and again on runways for the past couple of years and to varying degrees. This Fall the time feels right to really hit some of the classic looks from one of fashion's most controversial decades.

Fashion trends 80's throwback

Party Girl Dresses

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The high volume dresses strutting down many runways are certainly not for wallflowers. Many look like they could have stepped right off the set of Dynasty from back in the day. High volume ruffles, exaggerated bows, and shoulder details are all hallmarks of this look and the vibrant fabrics are anything but subtle. These assertive frocks exude some serious sex appeal and confidence.



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The 80's was a decade of hi-voltage color. The aerobics craze was first time workout wear was really seen as a serious fashion statement and that energetic mood was prime for vibrant color. Advances in dyeing technologies and fabrics also meant new capabilities to achieve neon shades and designers took full advantage of this newfound freedom. Designers like Martin Margiela have been indulging in these hot hues recently and this level of color looks especially fresh to brighten dark Fall days. If wearing an entire garment in such an eye-catching shade looks a bit extreme to you, a pop of neon in an accessory like a scarf, purse, or gloves would also be a great way to address this trend.


Exaggerated Shoulder

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Power dressing was an 80's concept that reflected women's burgeoning numbers in the workplace. Women everywhere found the strength to buck the system and try to climb that corporate ladder in suits that toyed with more assertive proportions by exaggerating their shoulder width. Shoulder pads were not only for suit jackets, they were in EVERYTHING at that time from silk blouses and sweaters to formal dresses. Another popular shoulder enhancement was the leg o'mutton sleeve which added volume with pleats and gathers to the sleeve cap. Today's designers appear to be feeling nostalgic for this proportion and it seems right in step with the social strife going on in this era of #metoo. Many runways have been showing clothing that emphasizes the strength of women in various ways.


Colored Tights

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Opaque tights were a fashion staple in the 80's, and although matte black was extremely common, satin textures and vibrant colors also dominated. They were a great way to emphasize rising hemlines; leggy 80's silhouettes balanced off that exaggerated shoulder line. Current runways have been showing tights in a multitude of hues, but the most popular colors appear to be a bright blue as seen at Jeremy Scott as well as kelly green and day-glow orange.


Foil and Metallic

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Rise and shine! No longer only suitable for evening, metallic and foil looks have been gaining ground on runways for everyday wear as well as formal attire. These luxurious textures, which were so prevalent for accessories in past seasons, have been shown for entire ensembles at some houses, such as Balmain. The 80's were known as an era of excess and although the current climate may not have the same indulgent bent, if the runways are any indication, designers are sending a message that at least for this Fall, more is more.


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sources: Vogue | Pinterest

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