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Top 5 Prints for this Holiday season!

With the final months of 2018 drawing to a close, this holiday season promises to bring a fresh and cozy wave of new fashion trends. Recently, we've reported on the must have fall accessories for 2018. But what about the question of apparel? If you're looking to make a statement with your winter style, look no further - we have the rundown of top prints and patterns you'll be seeing.


1. Western/Tribal

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It's no secret that western wear has become a hit trend this holiday season. With blanket and tribal patterns, bandana prints, cowboy boots and more, the fashion world has continued to stay inspired with the Wild West ever since its appearance earlier this Spring 2018. Thanks to design houses like Sacai, Coach, and many others who incorporated the Wild West into their collections, it looks like the trend will continue to ride on this holiday season. For more great examples of western inspiration, follow our Pinterest board 2018 SS- Wild West.


2. Animal Print

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As a staple in the cold weather season, leopard printed fashion is here to stay! Our collective love for this print has dominated the runway for the past several seasons. In fact, it was a trend that we anticipated as far back as Fall 2017. But this season, it's not the only animal pattern on the market. For those looking to experiment, thankfully this holiday season has welcomed zebra and snakeskin prints with open arms. Why the sudden rise in animal print? Perhaps it's due to the fact several major fashion houses have decided to go fur free and opt for more sustainable practices of incorporating animal print. Check out our print shop for our exclusive and original prints modeled after this style.


3. Renaissance Inspired

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As a period in history that is often romanticized by luxe textiles and feminine patterns rich with soft motifs, the Renaissance has clearly been inspiring the fashion world lately. Although the romantic motifs make it a prime aesthetic for the Holiday season, in fact, it's a trend that we anticipated will reach full force Spring 2019. It's no surprise that designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Zimmerman, and Mary Katrantzou have embraced this style as it fits so well into the ethos of their respective brands. It's the perfect opportunity to stay trendy this holiday season while getting an early start for Spring 2019. Get ready world, this print trend is about to flourish.


4. Dark Florals

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Who ever said that florals are best kept as a springtime pattern? Not this season! These final months of 2018 eagerly welcome flower prints with a fresh outlook. Although florals with pastel tones are still prominent this holiday season, this traditional floral coloration is giving way to deeper and darker hues. Dark background floral prints are making their way to the front line for their fashion moment. This fresh new adaption on the classic print gives an edgy look to a traditionally feminine and soft motif. Check out our Ballet Russes trend report for the detailed and comprehensive trend direction we predicted 16 months ago in which dark ground florals play a major part.


5. Plaids & Checks

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Although plaid is a traditional fall favorite, this fall and winter it has been even more prevalent. From dressing up in a plaid jacket to a casual night out in plaid trousers, this print trend refuses to be limited to any single article of clothing. Along with this pattern, other traditionally menswear motifs like argyle have also come back into the spotlight; these are an affirmation of the rise in androgynous dressing as well as hallmarks of women's empowerment. Adapting across a spectrum of styles, this pattern will continue to flourish in a fresh wave of hues this fall and winter and carry forward to spring.


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sources: Vogue | Pinterest | Harper's Bazaar | WhoWhatWear | Elle

* We intend no copyright infringement by displaying images from other sources on our site. Unless otherwise noted, all images are the property of their respective owners.

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