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microtrend alert! Jacobean Prints

2018 is coming to an end and it's no secret that the fashion world this year has delighted us with several blasts from the past. With the return of looks from the 80's, the welcome back of granddad's argyle, and many more styles promising to be relevant again, 2018 runways also brought back a much older trend --17th century floral and paisley Jacobean Print.

Tree of Life inspired prints

images: Etro | VintagePaper


Traditional Jacobean print refers to an English textile design that flourished during the reign of King James I in the first quarter of the 17th century. That period heralded the British Empire’s expansion into India and the influence that had on English culture. Wanting textiles inspired by the highly popularized motif, the Tree of Life, 17th century England would take this traditional Eastern motif and expand upon it, further embellishing fabrics with large highly designed flowers and winding branches thus creating this whimsical print. The strong Eastern influence that conceived this English textile is what makes this floral pattern very appealing to modern runways where multicultural influences abound.

click through the gallery below for more examples of this print trend

A motif that has endured over the centuries for its various religious and spiritual connections, the Tree of Life as a symbolism of strength, stability, and protection, is an appropriate motif to resurrect today in a time when people are searching for meaning in an increasingly stressful world. Jacobean patterns may be offering designers a sense of stability and peace as well as aesthetic direction not only for their collections but for their customers, too. Perhaps that’s why design houses such as Etro have taken special consideration to include this paisley and floral motif in their prints for the 2018 season as well as in their 2019 shows.

The appeal of the Tree of Life motif shows no signs of abating; designers continue to adapt it from its early Indian roots and the English Jacobean interpretation, to today’s iteration, which is sometimes cast in deeper hues or tinged with other cultural influences. We’ve predicted that this print is going to carry forward into Fall 2019 with our Mumbai Modern trend direction. Looking to jump ahead with this updated vibrant fashion look? Check out our Mumbai Modern trend report.

How will you be addressing this pattern trend?

We would love to know how you will incorporate it into your collection!


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