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the Winter 2019-20 TREND Forecast!

Winter A/W 2019 - 20 fashion trend forecast

Every season, the Polychrome team does extensive research to get you concise insight on next year's trends before they happen. Check out what trends will be hot next Winter!

Spring Summer 2019 fashion Trend Picnic at Hanging Rock

Inspired by the pivotal 2018 fashion exhibit at the MET, this trend plays with the iconography and aesthetic of the Catholic Church. From color palette to motif this fashion trend celebrates the sacred and the profane in all of us. Cloistered delivers beautiful patterns and a rich palette with an embellishment-heavy aesthetic.

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Spring Summer 2019 fashion Trend Renaissance

Nearly a century after the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb, the impact of the Egyptian canon can still be felt. Egyptian Deco is inspired by the iconography of ancient Egypt, the Art Deco movement it inspired, and the profound influence both of these had on the style of the 1980's. From prints and patterns adorned with gilded surfaces and stylized animals to garments with strong architectural lines and the Deco color palette, this trend forecast will prepare you for the next revival.

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We can't wait to see these trends come to fruition next year!

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