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Spring 2020 - just as we predicted!

At Polychrome, we are proud of having the most accurate predictions for what the upcoming seasons' trends are going to be before they happen. Staying true to our vision of keeping our clients in the know, our team's extensive research has paid off for Spring 2020. Not to brag, but many of the spring forecasts and print trends that we have proposed have shown up on runways this year! Take a peek at how some of our projections have unfolded below!


Garden Party

Florals are a regular spring standard since the season brings a sense of renewal and an awakening of life. To address and update this traditional motif, we proposed the Garden Party trend. Lush botanicals and feminine silhouettes take center stage in a bright floral palette evoking a warm and leisurely atmosphere. Just take a look at what Jacquemus has to offer on their latest runways or even take a page from the boys - Louis Vuitton's menswear collection also highlighted florals. Get ready to bloom, floral looks fresh for Spring 2020.


In Contrast

We all know that the transition between the late winter season into early spring can be a bit challenging. Don't worry, we have you covered with our In Contrast trend. Playing on a positive and negative color palette with pops of bold color, this trend is anything but your basic black and white. Bold brushstrokes, delicate line-work, in abstract motifs and dark ground pen-and-ink florals create texture and depth. We saw lots of validation of this monochromatic palette on runways - check Jeffrey Dodd for an example.



With the Summer 2020 Olympics fast approaching, many fashion brands are naturally looking to incorporate this event into their lines. In our latest trend forecasting interview Polychrome founder Thea Pérez mentions that the Shinkansen trend is inspired by Tokyo's modern fast pace, its architecture, and its bullet trains (for which the group is named). With its energized palette, streamlined silhouettes, and athletic luxe details, this trend's mood is reminiscent of the Japan craze that swept the in the 80's and 90's, but looks completely of the moment. Take a peak at what Dsquared2 had to show for this trend. We are excited to see how this trend plays out into next summer and beyond.


Stone Age

Evoking a calm but playful mood for Spring/Summer2020, Stone Age is the go to trend for anything from sportswear to athleisure. Characterized by a earthy stone palette, and prints patterned in marble, terrazzo, and playful abstracts, this trend is sure to be a hit. See the runways of Diane von Furstenberg, Chanel, and Double Rainbouu for validation of this trend.


Safari Style

Double Rainbou and Christian Dior gave designers and fashionistas alike lots to talk about with their safari-inspired prints in their resort 2020 shows. Channeling the inner adventure-seeker in all of us, utilitarian silhouettes and a neutral palette with punchy brights define this hot summer trend. Keep a lookout for exotic prints and abstract animal patterns on the streets in 2020. It’s going to be a wild time!

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sources: Vogue | Pinterest

* We intend no copyright infringement by displaying images from other sources on our site. Unless otherwise noted, all images are the property of their respective owners.

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