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2021's Resolution List for Fashion Designers!

Updated: May 5

We are already a month into 2021 but I must admit it's been a bit difficult to focus with all the chaos going on. I know I'm not alone - social media is been rife with memes of how 2021 has already been such a long year!

For lots of people, productivity holds the key to achieving many goals - nailing that promotion (and raise); attaining a more healthy work/ life balance; getting the time and space to be able to be more creative in their jobs. Here at Polychrome, we have your back because our entire reason for being is to help fashion designers be more productive in their jobs with less stress and allow them to gain back the time they need to be more sane and creative.

Here’s our list of what we will be doing to exceed our goals in 2021…

Polychrome original print pattern repeat for fashion textiles and home

Polychrome original print #TP20-014r

1. Set S.M.A.R.T goals

Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Responsible, and Time-bounded goals help us realize our ambitions while still nurturing a healthy work/life balance. You can set a time each quarter to write down these goals and figure out who or what you will need to help you attain them, then set a time each week to track how you are progressing with these. We can help you tame your development calendar and maximize your time with our concise and targeted Trend Reports. Just like our prints, our reports are available for immediate purchase and download from our marketplace. Comprised of well-researched, and accurate predictions on trends in patterns, color, silhouettes, and details, they are a powerful tool to keep you ahead of the curve and on top of your game.

Polychrome original print pattern repeat for fashion textiles and home

Polychrome original prints left to right: #YH17-075 | #YH18-025 | #YH17-051 | #CR19-008

2. Embrace technology so we can carve out more time for creativity

We already use Asana and Google docs, and everyone is now on Zoom, but we plan on further implementing systems to work more productively with our team. We have also leveraged technology to streamline the development process for our clients by allowing them to shop for beautiful prints and trends online anytime and anywhere. This has become even more valuable during this time when so many of us are still working remotely. Our digital files are all available for immediate download on purchase, so even when we are finally back in the office, you can save a lot of time. No more trekking to print shows or wading through endless pages of info, our online print marketplace allows you to filter prints by trend, motif, or color, so you can find what you need easily. The prints are not only on-trend and beautiful, but also engineered to be extremely easy and quick for your team to edit. They will shave HOURS off your print development time and prove to you that technology is your friend.

Polychrome original print pattern repeat for fashion textiles and home

Polychrome original print #EN19-006

3. Take more time for self-care

Whether it’s leaving our desks to stretch our legs during lunch, or making sure we get in some yoga or a run, self-care needs to be a priority for all of us. We all know the ill effects of stress and inactivity, but we don’t often reflect on the positive benefits of taking even a 15-minute break. Some of our best problem solving and creative breakthroughs have been when we offer our mind a chance to explore something different than the task at hand. Don’t think of taking a walk in the woods, visiting a museum (even if it's virtually), or taking the time to meditate as a guilty pleasure. Instead, remember that recharging will make you a better designer.


When we started Polychrome, we envisioned a service that would not only bring you fresh ideas and inspiration, but also a feeling of relief.​


4. More collaborations are in the plan for 2021

Nothing sparks creativity like synergy with your team or a common project with another creative. We recently completed a custom project for a client launching a new line of luxury cashmere scarves - it was a very exciting collaboration and we can't wait to see the finished product! This year, we are looking forward to working with more brands, entrepreneurs, and artists to grow our skills, get inspired, and stay energized. We are super excited to work with our clients on collaborative projects such as custom prints, trend projections with your specific customer in mind, and much more. A fresh perspective can have so many positive benefits for whatever endeavor you may have ahead of you. If you are interested in working with us, get in touch.

Polychrome original print pattern repeat for fashion textiles and home

Polychrome original print #PM19-002

5. Prioritize time to be inspired

This may seem redundant to self-care, and there is some overlap, but really this is so vital that it deserves to be called out as its own goal. Without allowing ourselves this necessity, we cannot perform our jobs to our best capabilities. We will continue to go to the top exhibits - even it's virtually, stay on top of the latest technology, and research the latest trends to keep that spark alive. If you need a quick shot of inspiration, check out our Pinterest boards where you will find our trend moodboards and lots of beautiful imagery to keep your creative juices flowing. What’s more, our newsletters and blog posts will keep you up to date on all that we are finding out and inspired by and give you insight on what’s to come. Sign up now to stay in the know.


Our collective strength is not only in our past experience, but also in where we want to take it.


6. Connect more with other creators and designers worldwide

Polychrome is a sponsor of the Apparel Designers Network. With chapters in Boston, NYC and LA, and over 500 members and growing, the ADN supports professionals in the fashion industry and helps them grow their networks to further their careers as well as providing a channel to give back through mentorship and knowledge-sharing. By being so involved in this vibrant group, we are able to keep contributing to the design community and connecting with those who are also passionate about fashion.


Fashion has earned its reputation for being a stressful career and in the past year the pressures and stresses of our industry have gone up exponentially. Things will have to change for us to successfully navigate the new challenges ahead. The endless meetings, demanding production calendars, and everyday crises due to tight turn-around times can foster an atmosphere where creativity takes a back seat. We are here to help you take steps to get more productive at work and reclaim your time.

Let us be your secret weapon to crush your goals in 2021!

sources: Refinery29 | Business of Fashion | MindTools

* We intend no copyright infringement by displaying images from other sources on our site. Unless otherwise noted, all images are the property of their respective owners.

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