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What is so great about POLYCHROME Prints?

WE GET IT  –  no matter how much you might love a print you have purchased, most of the time it will need to be tweaked when you get it back to the office.

We’ve been there, and we have also felt the frustration when the print wasn’t so easy to edit, or not really in seamless repeat, or worse, just a flat digital image...Yikes!  


It isn’t enough for the print to be on trend and beautiful; it also needs to be easy to work with.  


That's why:​

All of our digital print artwork is layered, well organized, and in true repeat, so editing is fast and pain-free

In many cases, our textile prints come with multiple colorways included!

All original print artwork is for your exclusive use and is sold with copyright transfer. 

To make print shopping a breeze, the Polychrome online print shop is easy to use and always open so you can shop anytime and anywhere, even from your phone!  

Digital files are accessed via a link which is immediately available upon purchase.  If you purchase on your commute into work, they can be at your office before you get there.

New prints from our global team are added continually so there is always something new to see. 

We also offer custom editing and recoloring services for our prints or any other artwork you may need digitized and put into repeat. 

Contact us to discuss custom print work.

Go to the  PRINT SHOP  now.

Why choose us for your Trend Direction?

Just like you, we LOVE art, culture, travel, the latest films, music, and more. We're totally fascinated by how these things influence fashion and print trends, and get a little thrill to see the dots connect, pointing to a shift in aesthetics. 


What you can expect from our trends:​

Accurate predictions on trends in patterns, silhouettes, and details so you can stay ahead of the curve.

All of our research, images, and information are distilled into concise trend reports that are easy to understand, inspiring, and visually compelling.

There are separate pages for mood, patterns (of course!), color prediction with Pantone codes, silhouettes, details, and more.

Reports are available for purchase and immediate download from our marketplace, so you can shop anywhere and anytime.

Contact us to discuss custom trend reports tailored to your brand.

Go to the  TREND SHOP  now.


Interested in Custom Services?

We LOVE custom projects and collaborating with our clients! 


Some of the custom services we offer:​

Custom, exclusive prints made with your specific needs and end customer in mind. 

Digitizing, recoloring, and editing of any existing print that you own.

Targeted trend research and custom trend reports developed just for your team.

Customized color palettes that are on-trend with Pantone codes.

Contact us to discuss   CUSTOM WORK 


Why subscribe to the POLYCHROME mailing list?

In fashion's busy, fast-paced environment inspiration can often be elusive or even worse, an afterthought.

But it is vitally important to fuel your creativity by staying tuned in. We can help! 


Here is what you can look forward to:​

News on industry breakthroughs and technology.

Reviews and updates on the latest fashion exhibits.

Handy calendars, resource lists, and tips to keep you in the know.  

Interviews with artists and designers.

Inspiring posts about travel, art, and cultural happenings that are inspiring us and others.

Access to our #FashionFilmFun posts that highlight influential films for fashion.

First look at our newest prints and trends - you will get a chance to see our latest and greatest before anyone else.



Need more info?

For all the fine print see our Terms and Conditions.


For any other specific questions, don't hesitate to get in touch - we'd love to hear from you!

Custom Work
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