Kami Shantal

Kami is a Brooklyn-based artist with 15 years experience designing print patterns for fashion apparel.


More recently she has also been painting murals in various locations in New York.

Kami's prints for purchase exclusively at Polychrome:

Sweet Tooth- novelty candy dot striped print repeat

KM17-018 original print pattern

Stellar Phrasing - allover novelty phrase pattern repeat print

KM16-015 original print pattern

Stag Silhouette - novelty placement print with stag's head

KM16-011 original print

Landscape Camouflage - allover camouflage forest print pattern repeat

KM16-008 original print pattern

Batik Tropical Leaves - allover tropical leaf pattern in a batik style print repeat

KM16-005 original print pattern

Coiling Snakes - allover novelty snake print pattern repeat

KM16-002 original print pattern

Candy Jar- allover novelty candy swirl pattern print repeat

KM17-017 original print pattern

Bejeweled - allover novelty gem print pattern repeat

KM16-013 original print pattern

Mirror Rings - allover metallic geometric pattern repeat print

KM16-010 original print pattern

Queen Anne's Camo - allover camouflage and wildflower print pattern repeat

KM16-007 original print pattern

Leaf Veins - allover "stained glass" leaf vein pattern print repeat

KM16-004 original print pattern

Snake Heads - allover novelty snake print pattern repeat

KM16-001 original print pattern

Scream for Ice cream - novelty border print repeat

KM17-016 original print pattern

Glam Rock - allover thunderbolt - lightning bolt pattern repeat print

KM16-012 original print pattern

Striped Leaves - allover stylized leaves in a stripe pattern repeat

KM16-009 original print pattern

Stripes and Orbs - rainbow stripe pattern with floating orbs print repeat

KM16-006 original print pattern

Water Drop Leaves - allover tropical leaves floral print pattern repeat

KM16-003 original print pattern
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