Margie Bonfils

Hi I’m Margie Bonfils. I was born and bred in Brooklyn, New York. My children also have grown up here and I am so happy this urban landscape has turned them into street smart adults.

I am obsessed with color. Working with patterns, and color schemes. such as we use in Polychrome, has helped me even more to see the beauty in a perfect color combination. Color inspires me in so many ways: fashion, food, mood, and attraction towards a person, place or thing.

Margie's prints for purchase exclusively at Polychrome:

Zig-Zag - allover original print repeat pattern of coiled and twisted motifs.

Adobe Illustrator layered file.

Note: overlay on file is simply a watermark and easily removed

MBR19-001 original print pattern

Vibrant Girls - allover original repeat pattern with abstract motif.

 Adobe Illustrator file. 

Note: overlay on file is simply a watermark and easily removed 

MBR18-001 original print pattern

Feathers and Speckles - allover original repeat print pattern with feather motif

MBR17-011 original print pattern

City Petals - allover linear floral repeat print pattern 

MBR17-008 original print pattern

Lizard Pattern - patterned lizard novelty print repeat


MBR17-001 original print pattern

Tossed Ovals - allover multicolor oval pattern repeat


MB17-004 original print pattern

Snakeskin Repeat - allover original repeat print with gradient ground and snakeskin pattern.

Adobe Illustrator layered file. 

Note: overlay on file is simply a watermark and easily removed 

MBR18-003 original print pattern

Chalk Marks - allover original repeat print pattern with chalk strokes.

MBR17-013 original print pattern

Dancers - allover scribble textured repeat print pattern of dancers

MBR17-010 original print pattern

Comb Fish - an intricate allover print repeat pattern with schooling fish and seaweed

MBR17-007 original print pattern

Painted Tulips - allover multicolor floral pattern repeat


MB17-006 original print pattern

Tossed Daisies - allover floral pattern repeat


MB17-003 original print pattern

Kalahari Floral - allover original repeat print with Desert Blooms pattern.

Adobe Illustrator file. 

Note: overlay on file is simply a watermark and easily removed 

MBR18-002 original print pattern

Hummingbird - allover original repeat print pattern with stylized hummingbird motifs  Layout can easily be made into a border print as well.

MBR17-012 original print pattern

Starfish & Seagrass - allover novelty repeat print pattern 

MBR17-009 original print pattern

Fiesta Pinwheel - novelty abstract pattern repeat print


MBR17-002 original print pattern

Fishy Swirls - allover multicolor fish and underwater pattern repeat


MB17-005 original print pattern
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